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Draumar / Winterblood

Draumar/Winterblood-Metamorphosis - 90%

InneresLicht, May 15th, 2012

Metamorphosis truly is what it aspires to be, a perfect blend of two fine artists lending both their strengths and individual differences to form a symbiosis of sound and atmosphere. When Herbstträume-Winteranfang by Draumar opened up the album with its wonderful piano and gently dripping water I almost instantly knew that this was an album I would gladly delve deeper into. The main difference between the works of Draumar and Winterblood is the instruments. And where Draumar weave a glorious neo-classical pattern from various flutes, pianos, violins and similar dark orchestral tools Winterblood works in a more minimal and heavily atmospheric way enhancing the experience with a more synthetic scenery of sounds. This symbiosis of sound and shape guides the listener and makes each song blend into the next in a landscape that ranges from the heavenly flutes of Höhenzug to the subterranean drones of Altezze Solari without ever loosing the overall dark yet tangible atmosphere.

Draumar really brings me chills down my spine with a truly amazing collection of both serene and melancholic melodies. The general structures are simple, seldom ranging from more then just a few extremely well-balanced instruments. The music gives you all the context you need and songs such as Tagesanbruch sweeps you away on a silent breeze of orchestral strings, strong yet gentle, while Schnee summons a more playful mood to mind with the dance of snowflakes over pine-covered valleys.

If Draumar is the brooding light on this album, Winterblood is definitely its bleak shadow with potent and deep drones that vibrate from unfathomed caverns of old, accompanied by gentle and minimalistic melodies that match the desolate scenery exquisitely. Some sections of “Venti Impetuosi” border on being overly-brooding and heavy, and manage to drown some of the conjured emotion in a deep, unyielding roar of drones. However, the simple and minimal nature of Winterblood is contained within a most brilliant core, taking each song into an excellent balance between the darkness of the void and the faceless yet striking melody.

When your immersion into the music reaches a certain point this album becomes quite dreamlike in a way that’s hard to describe. The more instrumental parts conjured up by Draumar give flesh to the dark and disturbing experience that is brought forth by Winterblood and drags you away into a lost part of your subconscious, the most primal shadow of your psyche. Dark ambient and similar suggestive projects should, in my opinion, always conjure up an inner travel in the listener. Even if you put on a record to just relax or play something in the background while doing some of your more menial tasks of life, the inner travel should be there strengthening you and your resolve. Metamorphosis does this perfectly with its near-seamless blend of Draumar’s neoclassical atmospheres to the more deep and droning nature of Winterblood. Metamorphoisis is a nice blend and the best of both worlds and is a great album in the dark classical and ambient cluster. Also, be sure to check out the animations that go with the songs Herbstträume-Winteranfang and Venti Impetousi on the interweb, they should give you more then a hint of the treasures locked away in this album.

Written by Skarsnik for