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Power metal without dragons! - 85%

Lord_Lexy, March 20th, 2007

I was reading a metal magazine when I read about Dragonland's "Astronomy". I had never heard of them before, but I am into astronomy and the stars and stuff, AND into fantasy. The combination of names forced me to order the album. And I do not regret this! Astronomy is an absolute must for every symphonic/power metal fan.

Lets' begin with the vocals: Jonas Heidgert knows how to sing in English (I can understand what he sings, which is not always the same for Rhapsody...), he doesn't go too high with his vocals, and his voice is nice to listen to. The lyrics aren't about dragons and sorcery or some kind of Dark Lord in a forgotten cave. I like those stories, sure, but I also like the change.
The riffs: heavy, but without getting hard or brute. Love them! And in the last three songs, the combination of guitars with classical instruments is sublime!

The songs themselves: Supernova, Cassiopeia, Contact, Astronomy and Antimatter are the songs that grant the album it's name. All wonderfull songs that allow you to dream away to the deepest regions of the universe...
Next is "The book of Shadows part IV", and to me it seems one must know the other part to understand this instrumental intermezzo. It also reminds me of Bal-Sagoth, who's albums are full of this kind of songs.
Beethoven's Nightmare is a dramatic song, and guitars succeed in sounding like a real piano.
Too Late for Sorrow and Direction:Perfection are two songs not connected to the others lyrically, but musically there is the same sound.
And then follow three more Bal-Sagoth-like songs: a trilogy: The Old House on the Hill. One must read the lyrics to understand the music. It starts kinda lazy, but towards the end, a climax is reached, and classical instruments together with drums, bass and guitars create a sublime epilogue for the album.

One of the best albums of 2006!