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Another generic flower metal - 36%

Human666, June 27th, 2007

I don't have a serious problem with this genre, actually I find some bands which are pretty interesting, and even unique and very quality. But there is a shitload of too many generic, sketchy and kitschy bands which doesn't have any originality or talent and creates music only for the sake of creating. And only by it's name, 'Dragonland', you can guess that this is just another "by the cheesy flower metal book" band which playing the same riffs and the same melodies that had been done 1000 times before.

It seems that this album has been written punctually by the guide for usual european power metal. Polished and clean production?, check. Kitschy melodies?, check. Plenty of classical instruments?, check. Irritating vocals?, check.

This album tries so badly to be epic and grandiose, but eventually it sounds overproduced and boring. All the melodies sounds dull and frayed and you get the feeling that they really tried to create an atmosphere, but they failed big time. At first listening it sounded okay for me, I thought it will grow up on me, but it did exactly the opposite. After third listening I wanted to crush and burn this cd! It just sounded too operatic and fake for me, I can't stand albums which tries to produce atmosphere with extremely rich production, but doesn't put any emotions within their music. Wow! They just putted two thousands voices at the same second and added zillion of trumpets and violins! That was so awesome!!!!!

Well, not really.

Sorry, I don't buy it. It got pretty juicy peel, but look, it's very rotten from the inside!
The cover art is pretty beautiful, the production is excellent, but beneath it, there is nothing interesting.