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Doom over SouthAmerica - 95%

IanThrash, October 3rd, 2013

Holy Shit. Many friends told me about Dragonauta and their top notch doom metal with hints of progressive rock from the 70s and stoner music in the likes of Kyuss and Electric Wizard, but it wasn't until early 2013 that I got into them. I’m amazed, really. To me this album along with CabraMacabra are milestones in the Argentinean doom metal scene. Let's see what this blasphemous bunch has to offer...

The album kicks in with the overwhelming and powerful riff of Muerte y Destruccion, Arnetta (who was a new member by that time, replacing Wolman in the vocal duties) totally destroys, he puts his soul (if he hasn’t sold it to the devil yet) into this rabid singing style that takes Dragonauta’s sound to a higher level. Arnetta said in many interviews that he is more comfortable singing in English (half of the songs are written in English) and while I partially agree that he sounds fucking great in songs like Black Venom, his performance in Montañas de Sangre is outstanding.

Through the album we can hear not only influences of classic doom (Sabbath, St. Vitus, Reverend Bizarre) but also a lot of progressive touches (not as prominent as in their previous albums) inspired in bands like Rush, Camel and Yes.

Dragonauta is not just about mayhem, the calm sections of World of Violence and Lux de Marte are haunting and epic. 'Epic' is a fair description for the whole album, even if their guitar tone is totally ferocious and the vocals are kinda gritty, most of their songs also have an epic edge with lots of catchy choruses and melodic guitars that break into the riffing madness. All the instrumentation produces an amazing wall of sound that it's sustained by the tasty and “Bonham-like” drum fills of Ariel S.

The production is perfect for this kind of music, everything sounds warm and organic, really distorted and with lots of reverb. The guitars are crushing, just like doom metal has to be!

This album doesn’t need further descriptions, it’s damn good. Even if there’s a generation of quality doom metal bands coming from Argentina, none of those bands can hold a candle to Dragonauta. My favorite songs are Montañas de Sangre, Black Venom and Lux de Marte, but this is merely anecdotic because every track is great.