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Ultra Beatdown; Underrated and Well Composed - 93%

Phyralis, January 12th, 2014

I do not listen to DragonForce much anymore because I have worn them out for myself, but when I do go on a DragonForce binge, I find myself usually digging around in their 2008 album Ultra Beatdown.

I have really loved this album ever since I first heard it. I was not sure what I loved about it when it first was released, but after years of listening to other power metal and maturing as a music listener, coming back to it I really start to realize what is so great about it.

It has many insanely catchy melodies, yet it is not a very simplistic album when you take time to really listen. Vocal layers and great backing vocals, some of the most interesting rhythm guitar, diverse, and well placed keyboards, fantastic solos, more diverse song structures where the songs actually slow down and make you feel, and often quite a bit going on in a song at one time while being very well constructed, make this album so enjoyable for me.

People have claimed it is more of the same DragonForce, but to me it is on a whole other level. Maybe people looked past it because of how mediocre Inhuman Rampage was, or maybe they do not like many of the effects on Ultra Beatdown which I find enjoyable. But even if it you do not like the effects, there is plenty of solid music throughout the album.

If you are among the many who still hate on DragonForce, claiming no diversity and samey songs, then I implore you to take a better listen to Ultra Beatdown. The Fire Still Burns, Reasons to Live, and The Last Journey Home are some of the finest examples of what this album has to offer. If you hate very flowery metal in the first place, then maybe stay away none-the-less...