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Great Openings. Pointless Verses. - 10%

Mushypeawarrior, September 5th, 2008

Once again Dragonforce have done it, they've managed to release another album with complete and utter wankery, but whereas the guitar solos were cool before - FAR - too much of sounds the same. I'm so ashamed of the two guitarists that I'm actually going to refuse from using their names and refer to them as "Musical idiot 1" and "Musical Idiot 2".
Listening to the opening of Heroes Of Our Time... actually before I get onto that I'd like to moan about the song names. Why do they consistently decide to make crap song names for everything? WHY I ask? Is it that difficult to come up with a vaguely decent song name that doesn't mention some sort of element (namely fire or ice), a weather condition or a type of hero? Really guys, it's time to take all this "Knight Saves World" out of the themes, we have tanks now.

Anyway, as I was saying before, the opening of Heroes Of Our Time just proves that Dragonforce consistently refuse to change what they were doing on every other song they've ever made. The only thing that seems to change on this album is the key. Literally, you could watch all the porn in the world five times and you'd never surmount as much cum as the guitars that Musical Idiot 1 and Musical Idiot 2 spew all over us. It's just tiring. On top of that every lick, every twiddle, every random trem bar dip, every bend, EVERY part of the solo sounds like something they've done before. It sounds like they developed a Dragonforce Solo Machine and just used that. You could actually take pieces from the solos in Inhuman Rampage and make the exact solos on this new pile of crap.

Another thing I hate is that they try so hard to incorporate something new and fresh into the music, but in the meantime just end up sounding like idiots. Some of the openings, I admit, are actually fairly cool, and you think "Wow, this looks promising". Well you were WRONG! As soon as the verse comes in all of your hopes for Dragonforce literally just crumble. Dragonforce have no idea how to put a verse together. They use the same riff theyused from the previous song and stick another stupid vocal melody over the top and decide they'll rev up the speed a bit more and hammer it into your already nullified skull.

I really don't think this is actually what Dragonforce want to do. Either that or they have no musical talent whatsoever (which is probably more likely). Seriously though, the ways they attempt to "change" their songs and is pathetic. They've essentially taken their old songs, shifted them up a bit, shoved some random techno thing in for about a second or a Slipknot-esque riff in (see Heartbreak Armageddon) and decided that that was ok. Well it's NOT ok. If you're going to attempt something new then at least make sure it's vaguely acceptable before releasing it to your pathetic, delusional fans.

Seriously guys, just stop it. Split up, have Musical Idiot 1 killed, start covering McFly songs, anything but this repetetive tripe