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A Decent Album. - 89%

nick_forest, June 13th, 2006

DragonForce is a new band to me. But they've made their name long ago. A friend of mine once told me that Sonic Firestorm made him bang his head throughout the whole album, which made me wonder how fast and how melodic DragonForce is. Actually, what they have done in the genius album really impressed me and almost exceeded my expectation.

The first time I enjoyed the album, I was so excited that I couldn't help smiling in that DragonForce is the unique PowerMetal band that outperforme other cheesy ones. After several times' enjoying, the structure of the songs are predictable, though. They just begin with extremely fast guitar riffs, together with the blastbeats of drums. The melody of the choruses are Rhapsody-like and Freedom Call-like. Take "Fury of the Storm" as an example, it turned into a section of powerful riff after the first chorus. However, the most fascinating and excting part is the crowing endless solos. I can't imagine how they did it!! The holy solo is just breathholding and every time I suppose the solo is over, they just continue to longer and more incredible ones, decorated by some guitar skills. Just imagine the amount of the melody they have created, the solo can overcome anyone who loves power metal when they listen to Dragonforce for the first time. Despite the mighty solos, the songs they composed just sound the same except for one called "Dawn over a New World". This is a typical metal ballad with power influence. It begins with beautiful piano, and then comes metal riffs and the song develops in an Edguy-like way with some inspiring lyrics.

For all that DragonForce is unique, dfferent from any other bands, and really have established themselves in their own style, they suck in some ways. Firstly, every song exept the ballad sounds the same. Secondly, as a power metal band with some symphonic and epic influence, they should have created more changes in tempo but the music just develops in a fast and straightforward way. In short, if they had picked up some elements from bands like Angra(Holy Land) or Heavenly(Dust to Dust), their music could have been more interesting.

In a word, "Sonic Firestorm" is a decent and awesome album. It has some shortcomings as well. Considering the incredible and innovative solos, I would like to recommend it to every power metal head, and if you like swift solos, you can't miss it. Check it out!