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Fast and good. - 84%

caspian, January 27th, 2006

There's an off-shoot of techno called 'Happycore' or 'Happy Hard-core' as it's also known. Basically, Happycore consists of super fast beats and repetitive yet catchy melodies. It's totally braindead, but load yourself up with E or Crystal Meth or whatever and you'll have a fun time dancing to it until you pass out from exhaustion.

Why did I tell you this? Because Dragonforce are the Happycore-ists of Metal. The power metal scene is fairly crowded, so when Dragonforce came along, they must've thought "Hmm, everything's already been done. Guess we'll just play the same music at twice the tempo. That'll get 'em interested." There's not a lot of subtlety (although some Keyboard parts are well done) but there's crystal clear production, super fast guitars. insane guitar (and keyboard!) solos and a happy mood throughout the whole album.

It's a simple formula that works very well in this album. While everything is super fast, all the instruments are played tightly, and there's a lot of guitar riffs and vocal lines here that'll stick in your head for years. The super happy chorus of Fury of the Storm and Soldiers of the Wasteland are probably the highlights here, but every song's got a memorable vocal line. Singer's got a decent voice too. Still, it sounds a bit like he takes himself too seriously. Oh well.

The guitars deserve a big mention. I don't listen to a huge amount of power metal, so there might be a faster band around somewhere, but I'm yet to hear them. The massive solo in Fury of the Storm has an absolutely mindblowing ending, definetly the fastest guitar work I've ever heard. There's super fast solos in every song, from My Spirit will Go On, to Fields of Despair, To Once in a Lifetime... Yeah, there's some massive lead work going on here. The rythym guitars are pretty awesome too, they won't make as big an impression as the solos do, but they're tight, fast and heavy. Imagine Iron Maiden played at twice the speed and you're halfway there.

The rest of the instruments deliver as well, except for the bass maybe, just because it's mixed real low. The drums are fairly simple, but super fast.. They don't play a big role, but they do their job. The keyboards are actually fairly subtle in some places on this album, but even they do the occaisonal ripping solo, which is a nice touch. They're a bit cheesy once in a while, but oh well, can't have everything.

So basically this is a good, super fast power metal album. It may not be the most original album ever but it's one of the fastest albums ever. Good for lifting weights or headbanging to, just try not to think too much. Well worth buying.