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Breaking and Creating. - 96%

Nazareth, April 13th, 2004

... Boundries, that is. DragonForce, currently, are the top speed demons of metal. Blistering speed is what this international group of musicians are all about, yet while maintaining a beautiful, melodic sound. The sheer speed on this record blows Darkness Descends out of the water, and THAT is an accomplishment. With the all too familiar line up of the vocalist ZP Theart, guitarists Herman "Shred" Li and Sam Totman, bassist Adrian Lamber, drummer David Mackintosh, and keyboardist Vadim Pruzhanov, let's begin the review.

Riding high off the success with the smash hit Valley of the Damned, DragonForce has an incredible test ahead of them. They needed to make some better, stronger, faster, yet very graceful. This time through, the production sounds worked through and plotted out, to give off the impression DragonForce has become more mature in their work, and have become more confident in what they want to achieve. If this gem is what they were looking for, then they have found it. A special note to Mackintosh, the former drummer of Bal-Sagoth, keep 'dem blast beats coming! The solos, like always, mop the floor with any other band out there, Shred gives the glossy, polished solos that made DragonForce famous, whereas partyholic Sam gives the strong, backbone solos that can move you. Wow, backbone solos. Only in DragonForce, folks.

Starting off with, "My Spirit Will Go On," I love the intro to it. Very dark, a huge build up of evil things to come, and it undoubtedly left me with a feeling of urgency. Before I know what was happening, the melodic, upbeat song had hit, with all its righteous speed and power. "Above The Winter Moonlight" is a speedy race for something that just keeps getting farther away, and is very inspiring for some reason. Not as inspiring as, "Soldiers of the Wasteland," though. This song gives you such a strong sense of battle, a sense to unleash your primal anger in a way only the fury of DragonForce could bring you; all this in a ten minute epic of enourmous size, too! "Fury of the Storm," well, the name sums it up. Another song that gives me corny images of gargantuan battles, but what here doesn't? "Dawn Over a New World," that's for sure. These guys are the 10 Dans of furious, upbeat, hyper-rush music, but YOU GUYS CANNOT DO BALLADS. OK. GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEADS. Uh . . . Oh -- Sorry about that. Anyway, overall, it's the same basic feeling that Valley of the Damned had, just revamped in everything except the solos. I prefer the Valley of the Damned solos more.

So there we have it, boys and girls. The only happy music known to man that can take on the giants of ...well, METAL, and come out victorious. I would have given this a ninety-eight, but they used the same basic layout. Although, I love that layout to death, and will never get sick of it. Samantha Barrett è la ragazza più grande da esistere mai. L'OH e la GRANDINE DRAGOFORZA!!!