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Bloody amazing, that's what. - 96%

Kanwvlf, July 23rd, 2004

This band is absolutely breathtaking, and this album is no exception to that. The sheer speed that they can all play is amazing, Herman and Sam playing in perfect co-ordination and creating some breathtaking break-neck riffs, and dual blast solos. ZP's vocals shrieking out over the riffing, telling us of tales of past warriors' feats in battle! Amazing.

Of course, the solos need the most mentioning. They are probably some of the fastest I've heard for a long time, and are perfectly performed live as they are in the studio (after seeing them live a while ago, and not faultering at all), it truly is amazing to see for a band so young in their career. To be performing such musical feats, without going wrong. The drums may be triggered, but it really doesn't take away anything from the song, as they aren't the dominant instrument, and all they do is perform the under-lying speed for the guitars to roar over.

Now, some people say this band can't perform ballads, but I must disagree. I feel that Dawn Over A New World is a very heart-felt song, and ZP's performance is brilliant and very soulful. Of course the guitars won't be blasting away, but I feel they are competant in accompanying ZP in the song.

Honestly, can this band do no wrong? The first album was almost perfect, and was my best album of last year. This is my third best album of this year, due to some other releases. But, yet, this is still an album to definately pick up, even if you're not generally a fan of power metal, as it seems to impress most with it's pure speed and feeling.