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fast, fun, and fagalicious - 80%

Cedric, November 30th, 2004

You might ask, “what the fuck is he reviewing a power metal album for? I’m never reading this guy’s reviews again”… You may be right in asking it, but I hope I do get the chance to explain myself. These guys are a novelty band. This is all they have going for them, besides their usual really catchy songs.

These guys are fucking fast. They are probably the fastest band I have heard, which of course doesn’t mean there isn’t anybody faster, but meh. Their name is cheesy, their lyrics horribly cheesy, and the melodies make Wisconsin look like the tiniest crumb of cheddar. But they are infectious as hell. The lead guitarist, Herman Li, is a very inventive soloist, and as he states in the notes, takes most of his influence from video game music, which is very apparent. The drummer is insanely fast, and I bet his arm will fall off in no time if he keeps abusing his snare like this. The bassist is AUDIBLE (wtf mate?), which is rare in power metal. The choruses work very well with the music, even in 7 minute-plus songs. All the songs are really long actually. People might get annoyed by the repeated melodies, but at the speed it goes, it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t know whether I’m just hypnotized by their insane rhythm or the actual music, but I like this. It’s too much fun! I’m sorry…