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Their Best Album - 94%

CosmicChrisTV, December 2nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Metal Blade Records

I have always wanted to enjoy power metal, but I could never get into it for some reason. However, I have made an exception for Dragonforce. Dragonforce has become the only power metal band that I seem to enjoy. Just for that reason alone, I knew I had to review one of their albums. Let's talk about Maximum Overload by Dragonforce.

The instrumentation is phenomenal. After all, it's a Dragonforce album. However, I think what this album did better than all the other power metal albums I heard was catchiness. It's the same reason that I respect for Infant Annihilator, despite them being a completely different band. That reason being the fact that the music is extremely fast, but still has melody to it and still sounds like actual music.

The instruments they used are drums, guitars, bass, and keyboards. I'm normally not a fan of keyboards being used in metal, unless it's black metal. However, I feel like keyboards really fit in this album. They used a lot of medieval sounds with the keyboards and I love that. The guitarists are absolutely incredible. They use a lot of tremolo riffs and even more guitar solos that manage to keep you listening the entire time. The guitar solos use so many different techniques too. This includes things like tapping, sweep picking, tremolo picking, and a bunch more. The bass doesn't really play anything different from the guitar. However, I commend the bassist for also being able to keep up with the tempo.

The vocalist is an amazing singer. Of all the clean vocalists I have heard in metal, he is definitely the best, no doubt. I don't know anything about the techniques involved with clean vocals, so I won't pretend to know what he's doing with his voice other than sounding awesome. I'm more knowledgeable about harsh vocals than clean ones. Either way, whatever he is doing sounds amazing. The fact that he can sing so high at what sounds to me like perfect pitch is something I admire.

The atmosphere is very inspiring. It's not the type of music you headbang to. It's more like the type of music that I would listen to while standing on top of a mountain as my hair flows in the wind. The atmosphere is exactly what I expect when I hear the words power metal. Again, I listened to a bunch of power metal albums and I feel like this is the album that got that feeling down the best.

It's time for the outro. This is definitely an awesome album by an awesome band. The best parts of the album are the guitar solos and the vocals. My only complaint is that the drums are quite simple, even if they're fast. My favorite tracks are Tomorrow's Kings and Symphony Of The Night.