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Inhuman Rampage - 77%

immortalshadow666, May 29th, 2006

The new Dragonforce CD heralds very little change for the British power metal behemoths.

The lack of progression from the previous CD, 2004's "Sonic Firestorm", is a worry even for somebody like me that traditionally doesn't have a problem with clich├ęs or lack of progression (to a degree, mind you). The lyrics are recycled - the opening tracks of both "Sonic Firestorm" as well as "Inhuman Rampage"

But musically, this gets a 98% rating from me - absolutely flawless musicianship. Every member of this band is extremely talented, and extremely good at their respective instruments. Herman Li is just ineffable on guitar. Never has shred wankery ever sounded so appealing, and possibly never again WILL it sound so appealing. The keyboards are used very well - power metal has a filthy habit of having good music being spoiled by highly annoying keyboards. This is not the case for Inhuman Rampage: Vadim definitely knows his stuff. Again, there are very occasional blastbeats scattered throughout the music, and they are not overdone or overused, but it makes a nice change from the usual fast rock beats that accompany this style of music. Again the musician in question is very highly skilled - his drum fills are amazingly quick, but are not used at any point to a degree too long to become noticable in a bad way.

This release will only be likely to disappoint the elitists. If you are a hater of power metal, this will do nothing to change your opinion of the genre, and if you're a Dragonforce or power metal fan in general to any degree, this will not disappoint you, and will more than likely satisfy your thirst for metal with excellent clean singing and lots of nice melodies.

More new ideas and experimentation on the next album please, Dragonforce. This is a "safe" release that's absolutely great for some cheesy headbanging and air guitaring fun, but you wouldn't want too many more releases by the 'Force to sound identical to "Inhuman Rampage". Like as in, the next one or two future releases.