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I've heard better... I've also heard worse - 70%

chuck_phantom, January 25th, 2008

When I first heard the song "Through The Fire and The Flames", it was right before DragonForce quickly blew up around the mainstream, and I thought it was pretty amazing. Now it seems to follow me everywhere I go. And judging from what I've heard from Americans for the past... maybe seven years, it seems like when this album was released was when mainstream listeners woke up and said "Woah! There's another kind of metal besides death metal?" But other than that, I wish people would get over "Through The Fire and Flames" and listen to their previous albums. Or better yet, some other power metal bands.

More about the music, it seems like this album which seems to be the "new definition of metal" was run through a bit of a pop generator, due to the lame use of special effects. I especially think that about the song "Trail of Broken Hearts". And "Operation Ground and Pound" was a great song up until the solo killed it with the way it sounded. The tone of the guitars... during the solos, a lot of it sounds like electronic chirping birds. The pinch harmonics have a bit too much of a high pitch squeal sound (for lack of a better word for it). I think the legato slides on the guitars are pretty over used, and the whammy bar on the lead guitar is used more to make the songs sound weird, rather than good. This albums music doesnt show the emotion that the last two had. And my favorite song from DragonForce (although also greatly played out) is "My Spirit Will Go On", and I think gives a better atmosphere and creates a world in your mind better than most of the songs from this album. DragonForce really ought to focus on creating more emotion rather than insane fastness all the time. That goes for the guitar and drums as well.

ZP Theart sounded good in the album, like he always does. He has a great voice. Not the best though. And I'm wondering why when they go on stage, the songs are tuned down and he sounds pretty crappy when he sounds great on the disk. I don't have much to say about the other members... although Sam Totman should be more noted for being in Power Quest. As a band, they are better than DragonForce.