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Inhuman Suck - 8%

NoSoup4you, January 16th, 2007

Sigh, where to begin... I'm sure by now everyone knows who Dragonforce are, and has heard the usual complaints about them. They solo for ten minutes, they have one song, etc etc. Well that's actually not the problem, because if it was good I wouldn't mind! The repetition is incredibly obvious if you listen to a whole album of it, but many other power metal bands pull it off enjoyably anyway. No, the ultimate reason I can't stand Dragonforce is not the formulaic writing, the cliches or the utterly-meaningless-horrible-cheesy-lyrics.

It's because the solos SUCK, plain and simple. They are not fast, they are not creative, they are not technical, and people need to wake the fuck up and stop worshipping them. Certainly the band members have some degree of talent, but it's been completely blown out of proportion. They rarely even go above sixteenth notes, which is decent at those tempos, but seriously. There's been better. What really ruins it is that their phrasing has been identical, in every solo, since the first album. Gee, there's some sixteenths over the verse beat, gee, now the standard double bass comes in for a couple measures and they harmonize. Hey, he just did a squeaky effect. Well that's just dandy. Can we get back to the song yet?

What keeps the album from a 0 is that there is occasionally something worth hearing. The intro to Through the Fire and Flames, the first minute of The Flame of Youth, the occasional short Dragonforce breakdown... well maybe that's it. It always degrades into mind-numbingly predictable crap soon after. The only song this band has ever done that was truly awesome, was Soldiers of the Wasteland. There is no Soldiers of the Wasteland on this CD. If you want mindless shredding that's at least played well, listen to Yngwie Malmsteen. Hell, his songs are even more creative.

They say less is more, but in Dragonforce's case none might be better.