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Badly underrated band, it seems - 91%

Cheeses_Priced, May 12th, 2007

Though they have a bit of a ways to go yet, DRAGONFORCE are on their way to becoming perhaps the perfect metal band. Consider this album’s merits:

1) Speed
2) Fast guitar solos
3) Soaring vocals that aren’t shrill and annoying and effeminate
4) Fast blast beats
5) Catchy Choruses
6) Fastness
7) Dragon-related
8) Good production
9) Keyboards

And really, what else do you need, in metal or music in general? I haven’t been following DRAGONFORCE’s career all that closely but I heard “Valley of the Damned” a long ways back and I can definitely see that they’ve become faster, catchier, speedier, and more good-production-having over years. This is no small feat, to be sure, for they were already far superior to nearly all other metal in every one of the abovementioned aspects.

Sure: if you pull a random power metal band out of the crowd, I’m not going to tell you that they’re not fast or catchy or that they lack in happy choruses. That would make a liar of me. All I’m trying to say is that DRAGONFORCE are even faster and happier, and that they have more electronic-type sounds in their music, and more blast beats. That is a fact. You may have your own personal preferences, but from a purely objective critical standpoint, DRAGONFORCE better their peers in all measurable aspects. The reader would do well to realize this, for to claim otherwise is simply to mark one’s self as possessing limited faculties of musical appreciation.

Note DRAGONFORCE’s singularly impressive songwriting style. They do not make the listener wait through endless boring intros and the like, before getting to the solos and fast riffs and blast beats and all the other good parts. Inhuman Rampage is nothing but good parts – no anticipation, no building up followed by release, just forty-five minutes of endorphins injected straight into the eyeballs. There is scarcely a second of running time on this album not occupied by fast riffing, fast solos, fast choruses, or fast electronic sounds. Compared to this, the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack resembles grunge.

The only exception is the last song, which is a slow, emotional one. It would suck if it was in the middle of the album but it’s okay as the final track, because it’s like you’ve beaten the game and now you’re just going to relax and watch the end credits. You can almost picture something like “S* RATING – YOU HAVE UNLOCKED SURVIVAL MODE!” popping up as the song closes out.

It’s tough being number one, though. DRAGONFORCE have been subject to some degree of criticism. It seems that now that they’ve started to become popular and gotten signed to a big label, they’re considered “untr00” by elitist power metal fans. Well, if you’re as open-minded as I am and more concerned with good music than with being “tr00” I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this album. I mean, why wouldn’t you?