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Typical; cry thunder and lightning hits the house. - 78%

Crank_It_Up_To_666, May 24th, 2012

DragonForce are really quite marvellous at this sort of thing. They could go on for decades yet, and they'll never ever exhaust their capacity for pulling numberless epics clean out of their arses. Whatever else may be (often quite rightly) said about them critically, one has to marvel, even grudgingly, at the sheer number of gargantuan-sounding songs they've produced that are about precisely bugger all, even as they try, and try, and try to make the sagas they ape seem like quiet strolls across the fjords by comparison.

Who couldn't be won over by something so absurd as 'Cry Thunder'? Those lyrics - very heaven! They are about nothing whatsoever; just another ode to valiant deeds to be added to the Dragon's ouevre of non-specific but undoubtedly valiant deeds, which might be about slaying demons, or maybe the soldiers of destiny saving the land of tears, or being blessed for the union of men (oh-er now, but shush). THIS is why this band are still going strong despite their moderate ups and considerable downs; their fantasy is a blank slate on which the listener can write their own legends large, with the rightly-epic soundtrack all set up in the stereo of a shockingly tasteless golden and winged chariot. That everything is so marvellously silly just makes it all the more fun.

This a superb piece of power metal; one cannot comment upon the album from whence it springs, but as a stand-alone track, 'Cry Thunder' may just be the best thing DragonForce have ever produced - the not-a-litte tedious barrage of previous material is at last slowed down to a more manageable speed, and sweet nonspecific-god-of-nonspecific-myth, the individual parts are definable at last!

Seek to download it forthwith, titans of justice!