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Watching.. Waiting.. Listening to DIS - 100%

Cikarda, July 23rd, 2018
Written based on this version: 2009, CD, Mordgrimm

Oh my what an album. Unfortunately I don't know how to write reviews but I feel like I have to tell everyone how amazing this record is.

Some 8 years or so I stumbled upon this album somewhere online, and ever since I'm yet to be bored of it. Such a massive collection of riffs, fills, passages, various musical textures and ideas it is! Right with the first track this album smashes your eardrums with incredibly buzzy guitar tone, so heavily distorted yet clear enough to catch all the riffs. With incredible power, ridiculously good rhythms they build the tension up with some atmospheric samples from Mr. Manson himself and then explode into your face with fierce energy. And they don't let go until the last track to finish the album.

DIS holds your attention so well with creative songwriting; riffs don't repeat themselves much, yet it doesn't seem like a collection of random ideas, everything flows within the motion of music very cohesively. Buildups explode into climaxes, slow ideas roll into fast riffs, aggressive attitude into absolutely mentally deranged. It's so violent. Not in a sense of some brutal death grindcore violent but more in a sense of how someone stabs you with a dirty knife right where it hurts the most, that violent. How they managed to achieve such an evil sound is beyond me. And it sounds so organic, so human, unlike some ideologically similar acts with cold programmed drums. Drumming on this record is impressive. It's filled with great collection of fills, grooves, blast beats, double bass on oh my what a great sound of cymbals. You can hear all the accents so clearly.

Guitar work is pretty stunning too, with disorientating riffs and hypnotic distortion driving everything forward towards ecstatic crescendos. Bass solidly glues drums to guitars and fills sound with warm yet sharp textures. And vocals.. That's a performance. How can someone release something like that from it's mouth? It's just disgusting in a very satisfying way. Lashed to grinder and stoned to death sounds exactly as the name suggests, like some tortured victim in a basement would sound being stoned brutally to it's last breath. Of course since no lyrics are published you can just imagine it's all about smoking to much weed, being lashed to your herb grinder and being stoned to fuck everyday. They do have a rolling tray as a piece of merchandise, so it might not be that far off, but beauty is that you are left for your own interpretations.

Few years ago I was lucky enough to see them perform this album live. In total darkness, with candles and incense on stage you couldn't see the band members. Yet you could hear how tight they play together. With same display of energy like on the record, the shows are breathtaking. It's a bit of a shame that band is so secretive though, you can't really find out anything about them anywhere. It's proper underground stuff, I get it, but at least some lyrics for fans to "sing" along when enjoying the record?

Overall this album is an amazing musical experience. Fast and interesting, entertaining and breathtaking it captures your attention with it's creativity like nothing else. It's a must hear record for any fan of extreme metal music.

Drop acid and listen to this; 10/10