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Dracula - Black Wings over Transylvania

Attack Of The Killer B's - 75%

Sweetie, July 7th, 2020

Black Wings Over Transylvania is the single that I mentioned dropping since Dracula's only EP, and only other release beside this single and its B-side. What's extra disappointing about that is the fact of this song being a bit of a let-down considering how promising the EP was. Things are cleaned up significantly here, and I'm not going to say that "Black Wings Over Transylvania" was bad. It's a speed-oriented heavy metal track that satisfies whatever needs you may have for the traditional style. The drums in particular ride swimmingly with the faster leads, but I think the predictability and lack of originality is what kept this one chained a bit.

However, on the literal and proverbial flipside, the B-side track is immaculate! "The Baroness" takes everything about the first song's aesthetic and drives so much more undead life into it. There's a far darker undertow thanks to the way riffs get stretched to hoarse lengths. A cleaner intro utilizes suspense to great degrees, adding even more emphasis to the steadier rhythms that carry this one. You've got your stronger melodies, vocal clarity, and pummeling drums that progressively take more power. The most impressive part is the sharp solo that cuts the atmosphere like a knife, coated gently with haunting chants and screeching wails. If Dracula could drop a whole album of this, we'd be in for a treat.