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Draconis > The Highest of All Dark Powers > Reviews > crazpete
Draconis - The Highest of All Dark Powers

quality usbm - 88%

crazpete, March 27th, 2004

Another obscure usbm outfit that is deserving of more attention than it ever recieved.

Draconis plays agressive melodic black metal with influences from Dissection and Marduk, but drawing from a unique synergy of metal from Darkthrone to Iron Maiden to Ulver. This ep is far more listenable than it's full-length predecessor, and includes some riffwork of definite talent as minor modes and scales of arpeggiated melody hover over a churning landscape of minor chordwork that imcorporates more than simple power- and bar-chords. The vocals are an excellent medium rasp similar to Satyricon, and the drumming is possibly the highlight of the album, which makes this release more than another medium-good melodic black metal band. Fast but without the typical abundance of blast beats, the rhythms keep the longer sections of the riffs from becoming unintentionally repetitive. The whole cd is very good, but the first track is by far my favorite and it's melodies remain with me even when I haven't listened to it in months.