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Not even the best thing from Draconian in 08 - 70%

Atheimetal, February 24th, 2011

It's worth prefacing this review by saying that following up a release as great at "Arcane Rain Fell" is no easy task. And they certainly did not manage to do it, at least in my opinion. While TSW is not bad, the direction of it does worry me a little bit as a long time Draconian fan. While previous releases fit pretty neatly into the category of "Gothic Melo-doom" this record fits more neatly into the category of... "Melogoth" (yes I'm tossing genre labels together, wanna fight about it?)

I mean, it's certainly catchy. There is pretty much no denying that. But it lacks the really doomy and chunky vibe that was present in much of their previous releases. This is exponentially more 'pretty-sounding' than anything they have done so far. It also simply does not have the replay-ability that Arcane Rain or even Where Lover Mourn did. You can listen to the entire CD once, get the basic idea of what's going on, and not really feel compelled to go back and listen to it again. I would say I got bored of this CD after probably a month and have not really listened to it much since despite the fact that I still regularly listen to older releases. Where TSW succeeds in how pretty it sounds, it fails pretty strongly in implementing a haunting, chilling, or overall foreboding and dark musical experience. Often times I would liken it to teenagers hanging out in a graveyard writing the kind of poetry you'd expect to find teenagers hanging out in a graveyard writing.

Get this record if: You are fairly new to metal and want something that is accessible. This is definitely the easiest of their releases to enjoy if you are not particularly well-rounded in the realm of doom but still want something depressive that is easy to catch onto.

Do not get this record if: You like actual doom. Simply put, this is not going to do it. If you are new to Draconian I would strongly recommend Arcane Rain Fell or Where Lovers Mourn first. They are very enjoyable releases and worth giving a listen if you like hauntingly beautiful and melodic doom style metal.

Also consider getting: To explain the title to this review, Johan Ericson (Draconian guitarist) has a side project called "Doom:vs" and he also made a release in 2008 named "Dead Words Speak"... if you are looking for a true churning, powerful, and moving Doom experience that is the CD you should be going after. No elements of gothic, just mid-paced funeral style doom metal. I don't want to turn this into a review for that but I would recommend checking it out of TSW is too tame for you.