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Etherial and Transcendental doom metal. - 80%

HowlingMoon666, March 15th, 2012

This is the self-released demo, released in 1999 by the Swedish doom machine Draconian. It's built on the concept of Milton's Paradise Lost with the lyrics dealing with the downfall of Lucifer after his rebellion.

The first time I heard this I was like "FUCK". It was the most awesome music I've ever listened to back then. Though Sweden is not very keen on doom metal, Draconian had the courage to try it and they did a great job.

The demo contains 11 songs, a prologue (Gracefallen), an epilogue (A New Paradise), and two instrumental tracks, "Una Tertius" and "The Armies of Lucifer". The songs are a real trip, with melancholy keys and hard-pounding riffs. Anders' voice seems ethereal and disembodied not only because of the poor quality of recording, but also because the songs have a touch of that rust that made old metal seem more awesome than it is right now. That poor recording quality gave music an inhuman touch. You can imagine while you listen to the songs that you can see Lucifer's downfall and his settlement in Hell. This is why Draconian promised a lot with this demo. Their music is more felt than heard. The lyrics are little jewels, reflecting Anders' creative power and, more importantly, a huge power regarding "living" poetry, creating songs in motion with keys pouring here and there to emphasize the atmosphere and creating Lisa' s vocal parts in the perfect place in order to make the songs perfect . The best song of the entire demo is "The Morningstar", a beautiful, sad song. I have never listened to something similar to this early Draconian release and I think no one can create something as beautiful and as deep as Draconian did and still do.

For all doom fans, I totally recommend this Swedish work of art. Draconian are the number one when you talk about doom metal. Poetry, sorrow and rebellion are all Draconian in a word.