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These Shades are Made for Killing - 100%

HanSathanas, January 13th, 2013

This EP should never be missed by any serious black / death metal fans! Each song crafted by these guys turn into mountains of mightiest metal hymns. ‘Spawned’ literally opens the gates of torment and chaos, spewing forth nocturnal creatures hungry for your flesh. No cheesy intro, no sampling; just pure evil! Dual harmonic guitars make for extremely effective weapons of mass destruction against all things living and breathing. Amazingly layered riffs are just another reason for its magnificent greatness. However, Draconaeon managed to throw in a rather surprising break with passages of mournful keyboard halfway through the song. The latter is then adorned with soothing male chants, and tearfully Maiden-esque rhythm. Nevertheless, the band do not want you to linger too much in solemn fantasy; they triumphantly returned to launch another massive terror attack before the song finishes.

‘As a Shadow’ is a bleak epitome of human downfall. A rather contrasting effort from the first track, this song opens with a patio of depressive synthesizer where leaves are falling from dead trees above. With its flirtatious proclivity for something doomish yet hauntingly memorable lullaby, soft whispers of unfathomable grief; and groovy double bass intermittently kicking between each chime, it wasn’t long before Draconaeon regurgitated the brutality they are known for. From 03:00 mark onwards, the band begin their unmerciful campaign of sonic assault complete with high pitched screams ala Galder, furious blast beats addled with yet another computer precision double bass. Perhaps some of the best riffs can be found in this song, with yet another hint of Iron Maiden ‘Fear of the Dark’ carpeted with earth shattering double pedals. This vicious assault finally concludes with thunderous reverberation courtesy of Izard lunar growls.

Following in the same vein and concept as its predecessor, ‘Across Scarlet Fields’ however does not intend to loiter around the garden too much. Like pages from an old, dusty tome of misery, the song reveals itself with a short interval of mesmerizing keys. As we turn the page, Draconaeon begin their air and ground assault simultaneously; choking cymbals mark the entrance of massive riff of unequal majestic proportion pummeled with perfectly timed blast beats. It briefly descends into a cavernous voyage of groovy bridge before Draconaeon regrouped and continued their attack. A healthy dose of tremolo is given as an antidote to those who have been exposed to nerve agent in the field along with addictive substance to relieve the pain in a form of devilish keyboards. The drummer has exercised his utmost marksmanship, with multiple automatic fires on the bell ride while hitting the snare and crash. This gives the song an overall quality that cannot be found in any other bands in Brunei. That’s just how bold my statement is regarding Draconaeon and their musicianship in general. Closing the pages of the book, Izard and Sofi showcased their multifarious exchange of dual harmonics and tremolo. Way to end a song I should say!

Fuck! Draconaeon do not just stop there; ‘Shadowmist’ continues to carry the torch of their unchallenged degree of majesticism one final time. Aptly revealed unto mankind with brooding riff of malevolence, a series of awe-inspiring tremolos supported by blasphemously crushing fast-paced rhythm exemplified the band highly organized, highly discipline way of execution. Here, the blast beats slashed the throats of complacency what with blood-soaked riff performed by Draconaeon axemen. May I remind you that the bass is also clearly heard; it’s spine tingling vibrations travel all the way up to your skull, where it will stay there as long as you can remember. The common complaints when it comes to extreme metal, especially black metal are the lack of bass; Draconaeon do not seem to have this problem at all. In fact, this EP singlehandedly decimates such prototypicality. Before the song finishes, Draconaeon exhibited their ability to weigh in balance between grotesquery and melody (aptly referring to their music once as ‘Dark melody entwined’) and Mizi flush the excesses of flesh, bones and blood from the pit with his sweeping keyboard. This time, the band injected deadly dosages of dual acoustic panacea while Amen performs his magic behind the drum kit. Such a rare encounter can only exist in Draconaeon I shit you not! Finally, the track falls into the abyss of time’s gaping maw but not before leaving me diabolically impressed with their unparalleled proficiency.

Buy this EP from the band. You will not regret it as I do not. I would love to see the band’s materials being produced professionally on tape, vinyl and CD because music of this type should not be treated as just another disgruntled music; it in itself is an art that prevails throughout our lifetime and therefore it deserves special attention. Like what I have told to some people, Draconaeon music is one and only in my country; no bands ever come so close, underground or commercial, let alone stand above them. Wanna give it a try? Go ahead and have a listen.