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Dark music - 80%

AriesWarlock, July 12th, 2003

Labyrinth of Darkness is the second demo of Swedish metal band Dracena. In this demo there are songs very different from those in the previous demo. They are somewhat darker and slower. For this demo they got a new drummer, Mojo from Runemagick, who does a good and decent job.

Craving, the first song on the demo, is slow with a very gothic/obscure melody. There’s not too much variation on the rhythm, which makes the song stale. Labyrinth of Darkness is a somewhat slow song with a black metal sound. There are some parts in which the song becomes faster and heavier, but again it has poor variation in rhythm. Finally, we have the thrashiest (and my favorite) song on the demo, Under A Bloodred Sun. The beginning is slow, but then the song becomes fast. This song has a catchy, thrashy rhythm accompanied by some good drumming.

With this demo Dracena shows that they have material diverse enough to release a full-length album, which I am eagerly waiting for. The last think I knew about Dracena is that they were going to split, but apparently some members left and Mia is the only one remaining along with a new guitarist. Let’s hope Dracena stick with us for a long time.