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Demonic music - 90%

OdiumRagnarok, July 12th, 2003

Dracena is a promising Gothenburg band composed mostly of women that plays old-school death metal with some slight black metal touches. This demo has a good production, and has three of the most enjoyable songs I have heard in a while. The vocalist, Mia, has a very obscure and tetric voice that fits perfectly with the music. The songs are very different from each other, which is very good. The drumming is quite good as well. Let’s talk a little about the songs. Demonic Women has an old-school death metal sound. It’s an obscure and malign song. In the Shadow of the Dragon has a bit of a folkloric rhythm along the song. The slow parts of the songs are great. This song makes you think of medieval times and dragons, such a great atmosphere this song creates! I wish I had the lyrics for this song. Last, Hounds of Hell is the heaviest song of the demo (and my favorite) with some good and fast guitar riffs, and a diabolic melody.

I know that many people around the world are waiting for Dracena to release an album soon, and I am one of them. This is good and original material, and I like it very much.