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Officially a demo. But emotionally a classic album - 90%

morbert, March 19th, 2009

I mean, come on, we’re talking 12 songs taking over 47 minutes. I wish a label had picked up this band back in those days. I wish the Shrinker boys had re-recorded this ‘demo’ as a full length (with Scott Burns or Colin Richardson doing the honours) and then maybe the band would’ve had more success and the world would have gotten more of their characteristic music for sure. Such a waste losing them.

Was Dr. Shrinker original? No, musically they were not. It’s just plain aggressive thrash metal with a few death metal riffs thrown in and the average pace is high. If was the vocals which really set them apart. Just like contemporary artists Korsakov from the Netherlands really (who also never got a record deal). Rich Noonan’s vocals are not death grunts in the commonly accepted manner. But 'death metal' certainly is the first genre which comes to mind when you hear him ‘sing’. It’s vile, it’s raspy, it’s gargling. It’s an evil hamster swimming through your innards. It’s everything you want to experience when you’re thinking of the term death metal in the most intrinsic sense of those words. He’s way up there with characteristic vocalist such as Chris Reifert as far as I’m concerned!

Now because of the average pace being high for 47 minutes and a lot of riffs being slightly interchangeable, one might find this demo quite monotone after a few songs but because of the dynamic vocals and incidental catchy choruses (Rawhead Rex, Chunk Blower) there is enough happening to keep you focussed the whole way.

So if you’re into fast old school death-thrash and like characteristic vocals instead of your average lower-than-low, shoe gazing, wind milling modern grunter, you will surely love this!

The Doctor Is In - 98%

hellhippie, February 23rd, 2009

When I think of my days of writing to bands I get a bit nostalgic . That great feeling of walking down the street from where my school bus used to drop me off and hoping that day the metal gods would shine a ray of hope on my otherwise total crappy high school nightmare existence . The list was endless and sometimes I would lose track of which band that I wrote to and what demo tape I was expecting to come in the mail . Needless to say I kept track of Dr. Shrinker . I already loved their first demo and figured this one would be just as good as that . Or so i hoped . If not it didn't matter because they only charged me two bucks anyway .

That day came and with the package they sent me pictures of the band some flyers and a letter explaining that the tape I had written to them about (the live demo if memory serves me right) was no longer available and instead I should check out the enclosed demo which they just finished . I have to say I was at first a little pissed off because this isn't what i sent my two dollars in for . After calming down my teenage metal head temper I decided "screw it, they were cool enough to explain the situation" so i might as well give a listen . Listen i did, to be honest, I still to this day have never heard such a sick unique demo in my life . Now don't get me wrong this was the eighties and there were and are demo's that go down in metal history as scene defining moments of the underground but i don't need to name names here right? Right . Anyway back to the Dr. Shrinker . This demo is insanely sick . It was back then and still is today .

The first thing that hits you about this band was their unbelievable morbid twisted way they tell a story . Rich Noonan's voice and lyrics whispering in murderous sly snickering fashion . This guys voice was that of a complete individual with unique evil tones . Not that the guttural bottom of the barrel heavy style isn't amazing, it's just not how this guy sang . He seems to get a good laugh out of anything he graciously displays on this great demo . The voice is only the beginning of what makes this such a masterpiece to this very day .

The multiple guitar's on here are "hands down" some of the best you will ever hear . This band's song writing abilities were beyond phenomenal . One thousand percent completely their own . Nothing and i mean nothing sounds like Dr. Shrinker . The songs on this are macabre violent morbid creations about anything from great old horror movies to tales of primitive cannibalistic tribes wearing earrings made from your "family jewels" . This was not your run of the mill death metal demo filled with songs about murder and eating corpses although like any great demo it almost MUST contain a variety of that subject matter and does so; perfectly I might add . This was and is way more .

The drummer and bassist are not anything short of perfection on this . How could they not be with these songs ? The drumming is "Chris Reifart" (Autopsy) perfect on every single second of "Wedding the Grotesque" . Unique in his own right, he displays a style unlike anything else heard in the early demo days of the scene . This guy is a machine flowing perfectly with the slow chunky parts of the songs as well as the bone shattering machine-gun-like fast ones . The best drumming on one of the greatest demo's ever created .

I could go on and on about how completely different "Dr. Shrinker's Wedding the Grotesque" is but you should get the idea by now . I will forever be in awe of such a prefect contribution to my beloved scene . I will always be filled with the fondest of memories of long ago pulling this demo out of my mailbox and listening to it for the first time . It will, for this life long metal head bring up many feelings of both happiness and confusion . The confusion part of it being explained with only this statement; HOW THE HELL DIDN"T THIS BAND GET SIGNED ??? Remember this just like I always have; No matter how much you've consumed that day of a putrid festering vile rotten helping of everyday garbage music that "The Doctor Is In" to cure you of any of you music woes . You need to own this !