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Meh - 25%

ponyovdoom, July 7th, 2011

Dr. Living Dead is a four-piece crossover/thrash metal band from Sweden. They've been around since 2007 and have released two demos since, this being their first. The album cover is fucking awesome, which is particularly the reason for why I picked up this demo. And the music being labeled thrash of course.

BUT. This demo is really bad. The band seems to try and put out some fun thrash with a badass attitude, but fails miserably. Sure, there are fun parts, but the album is full of rather boring riffs and some really varied vocals. At times the vocals are deep and demon-sounding, or at least attempting to. In "Die Hard 3" you then here clean vocals, sounding like Joey Belldadonna from Anthrax, just a hundred times worse. In "Indians & Cowboys" there are clean vocals again, they sound a bit better, but nothing special and they end up being annoying because of constant singing "Indians".

Some riffs on this record are alright, they are fast as usual but also tend to get boring in the long run. There are no guitar solos either. The drums here are actually the highlight of the album. They are varied and more creative than what you usually can experience from a thrash record. The bass is not audible, so perhaps that is a highlight as well.

The production is pretty good for being a demo, the guitar is clear, and the drums are put a bit in the background where you can clearly hear what is being played. The vocals.. Besides being shitty, they are clear also. They fill a lot compared to the music I'd say.
There are a bit use of samples in the beginning of the songs, just to mention it.

All in all, this record is pretty bad. The vocals destroys it mostly, but I suppose this band is a joke judging by their style and their lyrics, if not, I am a bit concerned when it comes to their future. I would enjoy it much more, if they had done something with the vocals.

Fun but inconsistent - 65%

Visionary, October 7th, 2007

Fans of Municipal Waste should find a lot to enjoy with this band. Heavy crunching thrash riffs with crazy Suicidal Tendency esque vocals. The lyrics and imagery are very goofy singing about UFOs, aliens, cowboys and indians amongst other things.

The production on this demo is very crisp with a lot of crunch to it, a lot like Municipal Waste. Like Municipal Waste there is a heavy mosh like feel to this. The only problem with this demo is the lack of consistency. World War 9 is a superb track but none of the others can be held as high and can become quite dull due to lack of creative riffs and pace though many of the others do have their moments.

Overall this is only a demo and there is quite a bit to enjoy here so certainly a band to look out for in the future.