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The Doctor's "Ride The Lightning" - 87%

SweetLeaf95, April 27th, 2018

Doctor doctor, gimme the news, I've got a, bad case of loving you

In 2012, the doc would waste no time screwing around in following up their debut record, and thus, Radioactive Intervention was born. The most distinct jump that's made is the fact that this is pretty original, and it pretty much gives them their own style, therefor doesn't make the influence from older bands so blunt and in your face. But overall? The key to this record is maturity.

Yes, I know that this band and the word "mature" definitely don't go together very well, and that sounds like a joke in itself. Hear this out though, because the song structure is a lot tighter, the production is clean, the whole "parody" aspect is mostly no more, and the songs are a little bit longer in length. Part of this is due to the fact that this record mostly just sticks to a thrash approach, dropping most of the crossover or punk styles. Not saying that there isn't a hint of it there, but it's far less prevalent, and this record makes it far easier to pinpoint what the band was going for. Pummeling drum hits and extravagant bass-lines help give this a more metallic feel, but don't overdo it in any way.

One thing that is a bit weak here is the usage of the gang vocals. Before, that was one of the best features, but on this, they somewhat fail to show the same amount of strength. Sometimes, it comes off as a bit of a struggle, as if the vocal chords can't produce the blunt bursts anymore, making it sound very forced. Only a minor flaw, as well as the track "Life Sucks". Had the inclusion of this track not been on here, there would be no bad songs. Unfortunately, this one not only has some of the worst structure, but the lyrics are flat out dumb; not in a humorous way either. All of the crazy guitar work and lead-vocal delivery makes up for any problems that this record possesses. Tighter sound, but a little less fun, so select your record of choice based on your mood.