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A contestant for album of the year! - 93%

Daneels, May 12th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Century Media Records

I first encountered Dr. Living Dead during a concert which featured Angelus Apatrida. I already knew the latter band and that was actually the reason for me to go to that gig. Before that concert, I didn't have high expectations regarding Dr. Living Dead. But oh boy, I was dead on wrong. Dr. Living Dead thrashed the place, made me headbang and mosh like a wild maniac along with other wild maniacs and their performance easily became the highlight of the event! Buying their latest album was a no-brainer to say the least.

Crush the Sublime Gods is Dr. Living Dead's third full-length album. It's the first album I have bought from the band and it also is the first one that features Dr. Mania on vocals and Dr. Slam on the drums. After a news channel styled introduction, the band kicks things off with the title track. During this track, the band mixes lightning fast guitar shredding and drumming with slower, more technical riffs. If I were to introduce the band to someone who doesn't know them yet, I would immediately play this track as it's a perfect example of what these intense Swedish badasses have to offer.

But calling them just intense is actually a huge understatement. Both in this album and live, Dr. Living Dead plays so fast and aggressive that it makes many other thrash metal bands feel like they're not even trying to go full speed! The band works as a true team. Dr. Mania's vocals are full of anger and rage, Dr. Toxic and Dr. Rad make their guitars shriek like crazy and Dr. Slam's drum style is fast and aggressive. All these elements combined make the group an awesome moshing band!

Most of the album's tracks are truly intense thrashers, think Metallica's Battery or Slayer's Angel of Death and you know what you'll get yourself into. Some other songs, like Ethernal Darkness of the Fucked up Mind, take things a bit slower, but therefore not less intense. Overall, everything in Crush the Sublime Gods, from the band's playing style and lyrical themes to the album's artwork breathes old-school 80s style thrash.

The front cover, for example, shows an 80s sci-fi scene with an alien (or god) shooting lighting from its TV monitor mouth at the people standing below. This scene, of course, also refers to the album's primary theme of social oppression and media manipulation. The back cover features an old-school CRT TV screen showing the entire band and the inside cover looks like it was made using a Commodore 64 computer, just like in those days. And of course, you can't have 80s artwork without lots of vibrant neon colors and this album has plenty of that!

Some of the themes featured in the album's tracks are anarchy and revolution (TEAMxDEADx), relentless greed (Buck$) and political propaganda (Civilized to death). Once again, typical old-school thrash metal stuff. It fits the band's sound like a glove and that's all that matters.

For my favorite track, I'll go with TEAMxDEADx. It's lightning fast, catchy and is ideal for getting you in full moshing mode! It could also serve as an anthem for the band! But to be fair, I could call every track on this album my favorite, they are all so badass and intense. All killer, no filler! Just the way I like it.

There's actually nothing bad I could say about Crush the Sublime Gods. It has a good length (about 46 minutes), the album is an adrenaline rush from beginning to end and is therefore highly recommended to every metalhead out there. Particularly if you're a fan of the early Metallica or Slayer. The only bad thing I could say is that this band truly deserves a lot more attention and acclaim than what they currently get.

You know, I could recommend this album as hard as I can, but the only way to give this band and album true justice is to watch Dr. Living Dead perform live and buy this album right after it! It's one of those bands that you have to experience for yourself to get the full experience. So go check them out, buy this album and get ready to slam!!