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Stoned in Sweden - 80%

VNVNV, March 15th, 2007

“Through the eyes of heathens” is a typical stoner rock/metal album coming from Swedish stoners Dozer. It is very comparable to the sound of the stoner gods “Kyuss”, maybe a little bit less original and creative like “Blues for the red sun” or “Welcome to Sky valley”, but it does deserve a lot of credit. Actually anything compared to those albums from Kyuss will have that critique so it was actually meant as a compliment.

All tracks sound well produced and especially well-written, the band does sound like one heavy desert machine moving forward into the right direction.

The highlight for me was definitely “Big Sky Theory” where the groovy stoner riffs are just perfectly mixed with slower heavy passages that give you some time to come down from being engaged into these hypnotizing riffs, the track is just a well long drawn out ride filled with ups and downs.

The album has a feel good rock vibe like Queens of the stone age at times, but still remains heavy, almost progressing into a stoner metal genre at times. The sound of the album does have that "desert groove" into it, combined with some nice psychadelic solos.

Overall if you are into stoner rock bands like Kyuss, Queens of the stone age, fu Manchu, etc., but also can enjoy some heavier sounding metal sounds then this is a big winner. If you’ve never even heard of stoner rock or any of the mentioned bands, then you should check any of them out and why not try with this one?