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Well I'm Down with these Dead Men - 83%

Sevenchurch, March 14th, 2014

The main dead men we are down amongst here are Dave 'Bolt Thrower Benediction' Ingram and Rogga 'Paganizer, Ribspreader', Johansson, ably abetted by fellow Paganizer and Ribspreader Dennis Blomberg and with studio drummer Erik R Bevenrud. And what might these assembled gentlepersons sound like? Fucking noisy.

The vocals are pretty unmistakable as the album drops like a nailbomb with 'Draconian Rage', but the skeleton here is very much of the crust punk variety. Yes of course death metal pumps through its relentlessly rumbling veins, but the riff structure is built up on that driving, buzzing crust. There is something wonderfully gnarled and rattling about this album despite the talent and the cool tight production, or probably because of both. I guess they all just captured the energy and the vibe perfectly. It pretty much starts as it means to go on: They just kind of crank the warbeast up with an absolute clatter of drums and "iron fisted spite" and off it goes, destroying everything in its path. One gear but plenty of interesting terrain, many rolling lurches and grunt shifts.

Subjects range from history, war and the occult to (I think!) Dr Who. Huh? Yeah, the final drum powered battering is 'The Stones' Lament' which appears to be about the Weeping Angels. Add in Satanic witches and nuclear destruction and more time travel and we are having good serious fun here.

Such a tight band too and the drumming has been captured perfectly: Just listen to the thunder inside 'The Epoch' as an example. It gives such a solid base for these excellent downtuned riffs to hammer on. Lead breaks screech out like shrapnel with sharp enough degrees to hook you and keep you engaged right to the end. 'Venus Mantrap' even adds a satisfying sense of melancholy as it tails off.

Some aspects of this album remind me of Uncoffined; not in a musical sense, but in the attitude that rolls from every rolling riff and drum assault of guys having a riot and instead of sounding old school it just sounds damned exciting. Thirteen tracks, maybe half an hour of music, is a perfect length for this stuff. Fans of any of these guys other bands should give thus a listen as it should be a dead cert, but anyone with a hankering for a bit of death crust should walk on in.

Relentless, rattling, rust encrusted crust punk goodness: Down Among The Dead Men slams in, gives you a going over, reverses over the body and leaves.

Really just all kinds of cool.

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