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A vicious assault - 65%

Andromeda_Unchained, February 14th, 2014

Crusty Death Metal is very much en vogue, and here we have some well-established musicians dishing out the virulent hatred in Down Among The Dead Men. Featuring the mighty Dave Ingram, Rogga Johansson and his Paganizer/ Ribspreader bandmate Dennis blomberg you can be assured of the quality here, and these guys put out all the stops, very rarely taking their feet off the accelerator.

I will admit that I was expecting the overall sound here to be a little more booming, and I'm surprised the low end isn't too prominent. Still, this is without a doubt very heavy, with plenty of dirty Scandinavian Death Metal riffs, loads of d-beat, and of course blast beats. Dave sounds great as ever and really commands the material throughout. The majority of the tracks average around two minutes, which is ideal for the sound, and never overstay their welcome; just rushing in, viciously assaulting you, and then moving on.

Numbers like "A Handful Of Dust" or the opening salvo of "Draconian Rage" are seriously fucking badass, and whilst some may be tiring of type this of fare, I'm always keen to tune in, wreck my neck and tune out. As such I can't imagine this would be an album you'd spin regularly. It no doubt does the job whilst playing, but afterwards doesn't leave all that much of a lasting impression. Nonetheless, this would make perfect listening after a bad day at work, or an argument with the wife/girlfriend/partner. This is the musical equivalent of a nail-spiked fist relentlessly pounding anything in its way into mush, and if that sounds interesting to you, then you should totally check these guys out. Not amazing or anything, but a load of fun to listen to.

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