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Double Cross - Obey Thy Master

My Father Is The Devil's Child (His Moto Is Live To Burn) - 83%

CHAIRTHROWER, July 14th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Summarily rocking good writes, here at MA, of late, in respects to blackened thrashers Evilcult and Goat Rider, alongside mine own propensity for like-charred amusement - not annulment - akin to Rebel Wizard and Midnight, wish to tarry further alongside said Latin Skool of avuncular dimensions with a brief and well-woven etude insofar as Belo Horizonte's three-piece valorizer, Double Cross, is concerned (and burned).

For one thing, the production, as well as all-around instrument tones, are dry as a bone...not quite a rabidly gnawed one, mind. Frontman/ax man Alex, alongside bassist Thiago and drummer Gus, unleash a footloose bevy of crunchy, jimmy-jangling guitar riffs, slap-dash-happy-go-funky bass lines and hat-skewing, resonating drum beats, the lot suffused n' abused by throaty Athenar-of-Midnight rebel yells & shouts...

Haranguing free-foray "Dying Sun" swiftly dusts the flame-broiled roadway for a killer, none-too-Trouble'd "The Assassin", a highlight track among this 13.5 minute quaternity of cult-limbed diamonds (and rust) in the dust. Cleaner, somewhat paradoxically belligerent and self-effacing vocals aport layer of higher, Angel Sword-meets-Jonah Quizz hurrah; thus, one of main reasons for such fawning phase, er, praise.

The other, more relentless and irresistible cause for revved the ever-lovin' up revelry and/or emphatic monkeyshines entails the faster paced and oh-so-electric top (salty) dog and titular master, ah, "Obey Thy Master", a down and dirty, albeit rangy and even spartan, brand of Motorhead, also bringing to ravaged mind more upbeat, or less grisly, stoner metal/rock akin to Freedom Hawk and Knightmare. (Its bojangling, heady bass line, in addition to scatter-shot lead at 02:26, make it a keeper.)

The trend continues, unabated and aflame, on the anthemic and brashly "Orgasmatron" (i.e. Motorhead) reminiscent closer, "Paganizer". Each cut is fairly quick and rapid, whilst imbued with massive dynamism and replay-ability. Alongside Goat Rider's High Speed From Hell, expect Double Cross' wicked Obey Thy Master EP to rule, forth, hard and yonder!

(Plus, that cover art slays!)