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Run far, far away and never return - 0%

Depersonalizationilosophy, November 11th, 2012

Mainstream radio or Doro’s Raise Your Fist? I’m more inclined to choose the former. You could literally flip through one of those generic rock stations and perhaps run into a better gem than this new release. Amateurish and lacking in passion. I would expect better from former member of Warlock. As the song, “Touch of Evil” had me in an impressed state at awe of her eagle flesh ripping singing and the complimentary guitar work. I was expect something original, something you could wield with a stronghold grip and crush it.

Pesch’s vocals weren’t too terrible but I couldn’t feel the kindred spirit. As a lyricist, I was really surprised at how basic they were. Her vocals were dimmed because of lack of creativity in lyrics, it was so elementary that all I kept hearing were the words in the title of each song. What made it worse was the mainstream technique of fading the song out in several tracks and kept repeating itself until it was softly more and more inaudible and shifted into the next track. There was no closure just repetitive mundane songs clustered together lacking a proper end. “It Still Hurts” is probably the only song I enjoyed. I liked the contrast between Pesch’s and Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister’s voices in this song. Kilmister sounded like a man who lost someone important and dear to him and you could tell it in his voice. The teamwork of these two was sympathetic to say the least. What surprised me was the unsuspecting native tongue of Doro Pesch’s singing in “Engel.” This followed into their song, “Freiheit (Human Rights)” as well. Listening to spoken words in German gave a different perspective. The emotion was easier to convey as if Doro was a slightly different singer. “Hero”, the last song on the album is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio, an unfortunate victim of cancer who lost his life around 2 years ago. Not to sound cruel but the lyrics were terrible as they were on every song in this album. Kept repeating the word, hero, abusively and also used a cheap trick to utilize “Rainbow in the Dark” as a lyric. Not the first time I’ve seen someone do this, may I recommend All Shall Perish’s Songs of the Damned. It’s nicely done and includes a little more than 10 different artists’ song references, try and see if you can identify them all, ranging from Iron Maiden to Carcass to Deicide, etc.

No I don’t think this is an end for Doro but I see this as a filler album. I’d keep my cash in my pocket before hastily going out to buy this one.