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An Acoustic Interlude. - 75%

hells_unicorn, December 22nd, 2007

This is a collection of all acoustic songs that Doro did with the Classic Night Orchestra, comprised of some old favorites from Doro’s past and 3 versions of a new song. It’s not the sort of thing that I would normally recommend to most fans of metal because it lacks any electric guitars, and for most people metal isn’t metal without a distorted, low end chugging riff pushing the song forward. The target audience for this was probably fans that were more in line with her radio friendly music, and the ultimate purpose of it was likely to showcase Doro’s versatility as a vocalist, and in that respect it was a success.

“Let Love Rain On Me” is easy listening material from start to finish. It’s not one of those bombastic orchestral numbers replete with operatic influences like something that Nightwish or Epica would put out; it’s simply a piano, some acoustic guitar lines, strings and Doro putting forth the cleanest voice she is capable of. For what it is, it’s not bad, but it’s not exactly the type of thing that I normally enjoy listening to. There are 3 versions of it, each in a different language, and other than that there is really no distinction between them.

The other 3 songs are actually a good deal more interesting. The acoustic version of “Breaking the Law” starts out with a really quiet and subdued acoustic guitar line and Doro singing the melody in a very relaxed fashion. The out of nowhere, orchestra and rhythm section just chime in and the whole thing turns into an up tempo, acoustic celebration. “I Rule the Ruins” is basically a bombastic mix of loud orchestral sounds and acoustic instruments the whole way through, no change in tempo, and now alteration in Doro’s aggressive vocal performance. The live version of “Rare Diamond” is also pretty solid, but not quite as exciting or up beat as the other 2.

When all is said and done, I can’t really recommend this to any metal heads unless they are diehard Doro fans and are interested in hearing an album with zero electric guitars. Some people who are into the all acoustic folk metal thing who are okay with orchestras and like 80s metal songs may go for this, but I don’t think that comprises a very big audience.