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Doro Classic Diamonds a nice spin to the calssics. - 95%

sixxswine, October 9th, 2005

It takes balls to strip your songs down to the bare bones, and then put a classical spin to them. The unplugged thing is so 90’s, done to death; the classical thing could go over very well or turn out disastrous. Metallica worked well, Scorpions and KISS tanked, all three legends in the hard and heavy world. Doro, known for her years fronting Warlock and for her work as a successful solo artist, takes a chance on Classic Diamonds and incorporates classical music with metal. What sets apart this release from the other hard rock/metal meets classical records? These songs from the Doro catalog have truly been reworked; they are very different from their originals. I was surprised by the fact that there is no distorted guitar on here, in fact it sounds like they are all acoustic, clean guitars, the bass is also acoustic, there are drums however and they take the heaviest role in this recording. In a sense Classic Diamonds is a reworked hits collection there are a total of 13 tracks three which are newly recorded for this collection they are “Let Love Rain on Me,” “I’m in Love with You,” “She’s Like Thunder,” this was written for friend Regina Halmich, who is a champion boxer closes this collection and a mind blowing cover of Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law,” which starts as like a Joan Baez number then generates steam and features guest vocals by Udo Dirkschneider. The cover takes some time to grow on you, it’s very different from the original, but that the trend on this record. The other track on here you’ll know, either because you’re a fan or because you have heard them before. This is a must for any Doro enthusiast’s collection and a good starting point for those folks that aren’t familiar with her work. So far, this is the only record of it’s kind that demands a follow up.

Ruben Mosqueda