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Calling The Wild - 67%

anacrusis, September 10th, 2004

“Calling The Wild” is somewhat enjoyable due to the pop/catchy-sounding on many tracks. I even found myself enjoying “White Wedding” which is a song that I’ve never liked. This cover is even better than the original sang by Billy Idol.
Though the tracks are catchy they get pretty boring after a while. On the other hand, this album has too many pop ballads. You won’t mind them if you feel like getting emotional. “Constant Danger” is the ballad that stands out from the rest because the acoustic guitar is just beautiful! The other ballads just make me fall asleep. Not even Lemmy Kilmister could save “Love Me Forever”. Apparently everytime he does a ballad, something goes wrong.
Some hard-rocking moments can also be found on this album. “Dedication” is heavy enough to make you do some headbanging. “Burn It Up” is a lame attempt to sound like “the old glory days”. It’s still enjoyable though. On “Ich Will Alles” the instruments have a weird distorted sound. Doro usually sings ballads in her native language but this track is definitely not a ballad. It seems like German add a little bit more agressiveness to this song.
As you can see, “Calling The Wild” does have some good moments but it’s still something I wouldn’t spend my money on.