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A Huge step forward - 100%

flowergatherer, April 26th, 2006

Second album by this strange,whimsical and weird band.
Unlike their first album that featured furious black metal more in true black metal fashion,this time round Dornenreich made a huge step forward and changed their style into gothic black with folk influences.Music has really improved a lot,became more varied,each instrument part is more elaborated, thought-out and amazingly intriguing.Traces of more melodical approach were clearly noticible in their debut work but here they simply outdone themselves in terms of technical and song-writing skills.It`s just unbelievable that it took them only 2 years to transform from black metal newcomers into high-class professional musicians!

Album is comprised of 6 long pieces that last about 8 or 9 minutes each,so it`s a nice opportunity for a band to realize all their ideas and thoughts.Very much emphasis is put on guitar lines (both acoustic and electric).Keyboards support the atmosphere,but at times come to the foreground to perform their leading part.Vocal lines change from screams to clear singing to add this gothic feel.
German lyrics supplement more mystery and obscurity to the overall musical canvas when being sung in English would loose some queerness and authenticity.

Dark music not depressive though,with moments of sunlight and calm,sadness and anger,fury and reflection.Undoubtedly this album will appeal most to romantisists and daydreamers,people who are not averse to musical experimentation and event to those who enjoy classical music.
I`d like to mention again the guitar work.Eviga has his own personal style ,that is very unique.He plays black like no other.

So go and get this unusual,interesting and not ordinary work by this austrian trio!!!.