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Soundscapes of the night - 100%

HowlingMoon666, October 20th, 2012

I found this album very similar to the first Autumnblaze full-length, musically speaking. Both contain this brilliant braid of melodic black metal riffs with melancholic acoustic guitars shattering here and there, both bands using amazing clean vocals and last but not least very good black metal vocals.

The first song of the album, "Nächtlich Liebend", is a masterpiece and already draws you in the world that Dornenreich created. Wild, raw and melancholic with sharp, angry vocals which remind me of Gaahl's from Gorgoroth. Intensely-paced keyboards and fitting drumming make this song an amazing piece of music. The middle part is one of the greatest piano riffs I've ever heard since I started listening to metal and simply cuts you off from this world and hurls thee into a rain-washed forest, beaten by gentle winds.

"Wundenküssen" is an aggressive song with creepy keyboards leading to a leaden atmosphere. I can't find something similar to this specific piece that Dornenreich deliver. They are simply too original to find a band that are similar to them. This song has a powerful theatrical influence. One can easily write a play for this instrumental. Maybe that sick bastard Seregor from Carach Angren. He would easily do this kind of stuff. Once again, the rampant voice and flowing keyboards stop, leaving space for the atmospheric acoustic guitars and clean voice. Get used to this technique on this album.

"Reime faucht der Märchensarg", the third song, is one of my personal favorites on this magnificent album. Drawing such an atmosphere that you won't be able to find anywhere else, but on this particular full-length. It has a certain Spanish influence regarding the acoustic riff, something very close to a slow-paced flamenco. This makes this song fucking delicious. These guys really know their shit. Such a pity they, like many other magnificent bands, have lost their inspiration these days. Where the fuck have you seen symphonic black with flamenco riffs, huh? I know...nowhere. Then check out this particular song.

"Federstrich in Grabesnähe" about flamenco. This song (the shortest of the album), is a brilliant piece of flamenco, but I kinda like just the beginning. The beginning sounds awesome, but the next riffs kinda crush the beatitude that was meant to be. I won't talk about this song any more.

"Leben Lechzend Herzgeflüster" is again melancholy and tears my soul. These guys create such beautiful music. That clean voice is pure musical talent. The vocalist has one of the most incredible black metal vocals I've ever heard, similar and so far away at the same time with Gaahl's. This song also has a guitar solo and Jesus, what a fucking solo, and the ending part raises the hairs on you. Too much awesomeness for a human being. These guys are ridiculously good musicians.

"Oran Erkennt Mich Dine Sehnsucht Morgen?" is the end of our journey and really sounds like an end for something. Not sure for what, but it surely sounds like an end should sound, mournful and depressing. That anguished vocalist takes a well-deserved break to let this baritone do his fucking job, and he surely does.

Buy this cd. It is amazing. Hail to flamenco!