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The journey goes on - 94%

PsyMoN_MDA, September 12th, 2010

Dordeduh was formed after lots of tensions inside Negură Bunget. Before it, while in NB, Hupogrammos and Sol Faur created the music. Negru, the drummer, didn’t participate in the writing process. He was the band’s manager, arranged the tourdates, took care of the website, etc. So, de jure, it’s another band, but, de facto, it’s a hidden Negură Bunget.

This EP is in the vein of “Om”, Negură’s 2006 album, because of the things, written above. “Cumpăt”, which can be translated as “Balance”, contains a half-long atmospheric part, with marvelous guitar work. Things get even better, when the choirs come, preparing the listener for what’s to come. The best part comes at ~2:50, where black metal comes, that atmospheric black metal, for which these two guys are famous for. The listener’s mind goes deeper into the spiritual universe, praised by them. The song ends in a beautiful calming manner, same as the pre-black part.

The second track, “Zuh – cu tunetul munţilor” (roughly translated as “Zuh – With the Thunder of the Mountains”) is deeply rooted into NB. After a short atmospheric intro, it breaks into the land of well known guitar tremolos, clean and screaming vocals, fast and middle-paced tempos and, of course, ideas, found in “Om” and other NB releases.

Overall, it is an amazing “debut”/debut. Debut goes for the band, as it’s its first release. “Debut” is for Hupogrammos and Sol, two geniuses with a rich spirituality, with over 15 years of experience in music.

People can blame this EP (band) for lack of originality, some sort of “We’ve heard it all before”. For those who do it or want to do it: keep in mind that (and I’ll say it once again), this is not some new band, formed by Odin knows who, that copies what has been done before. The people behind it are the former members and songwriters of Negură Bunget, that continue under a different name. It’s a different situation but: Control Denied/Death, October Tide/Katatonia, I/Immortal… You get the point, don’t you?

Production – perfect. Every instrument is heard, none takes space from another, it suits the overall picture of the songs.

It is extraordinary. The only reason I can’t give it 100% is because it’s short. I know it is an EP, but the splendid atmosphere, that embraces the listener, ends after only little over 13 minutes.

P.S. I’ll be waiting for a full-length with endless impatience.