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Folk Black Metal at its Best - 93%

andreipianoman, December 7th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2012, CD, Lupus Lounge

I've never been a big fan of black metal nor do I like atmospheric stuff that much either. The only band fitting this genre that I ever liked is Negură Bunget from Romania but Dordeduh is basically the same thing because the album is written almost entirely by the same person, the former frontman and guitarist of Negură Bunget, known as "Hupogrammos".

The album "Dar de Duh" is in many ways similar to Negură Bunget. It is very dark and mysterious and keeps a constant eerie ambience throughout the album. There is a certain monotony to it that I'm not a big fan of but I have to admit it makes a lot of sense for this genre. There are many repetitive sections such as the beginning of "Jind de Tronuri" and "Zuh" and it is thanks to this kind of sections that the songs are so long.

In terms of instrumental skill, the album is a gem. The riffing patterns are very impressive and the drums are insane showing of outstanding blast beats on some occasions. The music even has a progressive side with a few tempo changes here and there. I noticed a section of this sort in "Pândarul" that I really liked and I think it is worth mentioning. But despite all this the album doesn't sound like a heavy, loud and brutal storm. On the contrary it is rather brought down. It doesn't attack you. This is the result of the rough mix that this album was given which I find lacking in power and a bit odd. It almost sounds like a demo but it appears as if it was intended that way and I can easily tell why. It is the mixing of the album and the monotony of the songs that actually make the whole thing ambient. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that this album has a bad mix. The instruments can still be distinguished quite clearly but it is not made to sound hi-tech. Instead it is more raw and natural.

The acoustic and folk side of the album is quite dominant as well. There are a lot of traditional, classic or acoustic instruments and percussion. And the clean vocals bring a lot to this. The traditional Romanian element is quite abundant here as are the lyrics with a lot of archaic words and expressions that I can't really understand. And I am Romanian. This also makes it a bit abstract since I really can't tell what the message is and what metaphores were snuck in there. I really like the last track of the album "Dojană" which is entirely acoustic. I also like the similarity in sound between the band name "Dordeduh" and the album title "Dar de duh".

This album is overall a lot like Negură Bunget but definitely not the same thing. It is very atmospheric and also quite folkish. It's a very unusual thing and I think you should try it out. Even if you don't like it, you have to admire the originality.