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Behind the Twilight Devastation - 60%

kimiwind, March 14th, 2010

Dor Feafaroth is an obscure Russian metal band, that comes all the way from Vladivostok in Primorski Krai, deep in the Asian territories, close to China and Korea.Though, this region isn’t particularly known for good and consistent metal bands, but still, we get to know here a new black metal fresh off the boat . The band's name is itself strange, and definitely sounds evil. But how about the music? What kind of value these guys offer to the black metal scene? Anything new or revolutionizing? Definitely not, because what you will hear here is just another copy-cat music trying to conform with the works of the pioneers of the genre.

This release consists of 6 songs in approx 19 minutes of raw melodic black metal. This release is self financed, and definitely looks not bad. The production here is good enough and you can have good times listening to this piece of art without shitty annoying low quality, and this is important because it makes this release listenable, bearing the fact that this isn’t very promising regarding musicianship. The music can be described as a mixture of Swedish melodic black metal and Norwegian raw black metal, combining these elements we get Za Sumerechnym Opustosheniyem.

The vocals here are average, they are harsh, deep, and evil, but not enough to make some good impressions, they cabn get tedious especially in the song bez imeni. Then it gets better in the following song Nichto, Kotoroe Nichtozhit, where better variation and shrieks are presented, but then again in Svyatynya Marsa, the singer falls again in redundancy. The guitars do a better job, they are often techincal, and there is some interesting riffs to hear. The bass is great and very solid, it fits with the guitars nicely and adds a brutal touch to the sound. The drums work ranges from fast blast beats to mid paced patterns most of the time.

Latest release of Dor feafaroth brings nothing new to the black metal scene, but the musicianship is coherent enough to give this some air to breath. We have here a short release where half of the songs are instrumental, the other half is anything but epic. It's not a good way to impress a fussy metalhead. The band needs to improve their music output, since they have the potential to do better.

Written for Encyclopaedia Metallum 14-03-2010
© Kimiwind