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Ugh, no thanks... - 19%

skinticket, November 26th, 2009

I came over this album while browsing the local record store, and I was amazed to find something I'd never heard of in their slim selection of metal and rock. The fact that the band featured former Deceased drummer and vocalist King Fowley sealed the deal, I had to have it.

Sadly, it did NOT meet my expectations, and I regret that I ever spent the small sum it cost me. First of all, the lyrics are just moronic ramblings about satan and sacrifice, written in such a way, you'd think they were the work of a suicidal goth kid plotting a petty revenge against the world. And the horrible performance doesn't help either, the phrase "choking a chicken" gets a whole new meaning. The guitars and bass are dull, anonymous and monotonous, and the sloppy production just might be doing them a favour, concealing the obvious lack of talent. Even the King does a poor job, and is so far from the brilliance of Deceased that it sound like he doesn't even care. Either that, or he just gave up trying to make them sound good. Just to top it off, they added some disgusting synth to the mix, assuring its place at the bottom of the ranks.

There's not a single track that stands out on this album, as they're pretty much all horrible. If I'd have to mention one positive thing, there's a solo at the end of the track 'Bottomless Pit' that isn't half bad , but those 20 seconds have no chance of rectifying the other 45 minutes of shite. If you want a good alternative, go get some Saviours or something instead, and don't ever waste your time on Doomstone, at least not this album....

The only reason I listened to this album again, was for this review so that I'm able to warn other people about it. Now that I'm done with it, I'll set it on fire, sending it back from whence it came. I'm gonna put on some real music now, and sleep off this headache...