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Doomed - Anna

Progressive and massive work - 90%

Eternal Tom, December 18th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Solitude Productions

“Anna” is the first album that dragged me down to the world of Doomed. And I must say the journey was quite tough thing to do! Forget about boring low-paced tempos and lazy drum beats – your face will be melted off by blast beats and astonishing solo busts while deep monstrous growls take its way to devour your soul. Got it? Now let’s take a closer look on this extraordinary record. Doomed is one-man project from Germany and is leaded by Pierre Laube – talented multi-instrumentalist and also the man behind the microphone who gave birth to the all the things we hear on CD. “Anna” is his fifth solo effort which was recently released by the Solitude Prods.

The music itself combines several different elements and result may vary: fast tremolo parts with energetic drumming change into huge crunchy doomy riffs in a blink of an eye, adding avant-garde solos here and there. By the way it has been noticed that Pierre is in love with harmonic minor scale, using it quite a lot. And its’ specific sound makes songs more…Eastern (even makes me recall some Death or Nile stuff). It’s a cool feature indeed. Vocals. As said before beside low growls you’ll hear a female voice too and it’s not overused, so most of the time your ears will suffer (in a good way only!) under the powerful roars.

Output can be described in three words: huge, progressive, doomy. Even you’re a true old school doom fan – you must give a listen to “Anna”!
Highlight on the album (as for me) is “The Frozen Wish”.Period.