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Love, Sorrow, Doom - 50%

H_P Buttcraft, September 16th, 2015

“Love, Sorrow, Doom” by Nevada-based metal band Doom Snake Cult was originally released in 1992. Doom Snake Cult had already been at it since the late 1980’s and after their breakup, vocalist Ace Still went on to front another metal band, Goatlord. Now, for the second time, Nuclear War Now! Productions is reissuing this obscure album with new album art and now offered exclusively on their bandcamp page.

“Enchanted Cerebral Forest” is a flop. This was taken from the original EP “Love Sorrow Doom” from 2004 vinyl repressing and I can tell you, I wish it had stayed in 1992 when this album first came out. This was not a hidden gem that got overlooked before its due. This was pure, amateur-sounding musical vomit. The music has no staying power and its dissonant use of tremolo and modulation effects really make you feel ill and want to stop listening to it.

“Carnival Freak Show”, which was originally slated as the first track of the album is now reordered as the last track. And although that fits the band’s requests as to the proper order of the tracks from this record but “Carnival Freak Show” is thoroughly obnoxious, like a small child that won’t stop talking behind you in a movie theater. Perhaps it belongs on the end of the album because it is my choice for the worst track on “Love, Sorrow, Doom”, with its exhausted vocals, hopeless guitars, lazy execution and aimless song structure. Other songs like “Sorrow” is a self-made statement about taking LSD and experiencing a severe bout of mental illness. It isn’t very shocking to learn that “Love, Sorrow, Doom” was recorded by teenagers in the 90’s who had mental issues and were experimenting with psychedelics. The music really shows it.

I am aware that this is a classic metal album. I am aware that it was a part of a very obscure and otherwise unknown doom metal scene in Midwest America from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. And you can certainly find inspiration from amazing bands like Celtic Frost, Hell Hammer, Pentagram and Bathory. But “Love, Sorrow, Doom” is no “Morbid Tales”. It is nowhere near as good as Bathory’s early material and certainly not as enjoyable as modern doom/death or blackened doom metal bands these days like Tombs, Coffins or Graveworm.

The point is, Doom Snake Cult had a ton of potential to make a huge impression at the time that “Love, Sorrow, Doom” came out. But did it then? Does it now? Ok, that one guy on Encyclopaedia Metallum who gave it a 100%. But I am not the only person who would tell you that this album has dwindling mark on your taste, despite its momentary lapses of sick doom riffs. I will be extremely generous and giving Doom Snake Cult’s “classic album” a five out of ten.

Originally published on, 8-07-2015.