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Good album from a great band - 75%

olo, November 21st, 2007

People who know me and/or my tastes in music know how I hate all the national anthemesque cheesy epic power metal. I pretty much swore off all the Helloween clones a few years ago and laughed off clowns like Dragonforce and their antics. Hell, I also warned this friend that Nocturnal Rites is a mediocre power metal band (but he still bought that new CD thinking it was Ancient Rites. pfft). I still enjoy my odd power metal releases once in a while. For example, I like Firewind mainly for the guitarist Gus G who is easily one of the few guitar heroes in recent times, though it can be argued that they're not really all that national anthem all the time.

That said, I really like Doomsword. For starters, they don't play the same flavour of Power Metal as described above. Think of these guys as Manowar meets Candlemass.

"My Name Will Live On" is their third album and it comes much anticipated, at least personally. Anticipated, obviously because I loved the previous two albums and thought it was finally how I liked my battle themed power metal served. It was dark, doomy, down-tuned and epic - all at the same time - to achieve what was a unique sound in metal by all means. With this instalment, Doomsword bring more of the same to the table. Maybe a little more Viking, folk and epic than before but it's definitely deliciously good. How they carry a simple riff/melody/chorus idea of the opening track "Death of Ferdia" all the way to seven odd minutes with cool solos and subtle changes galore is what impresses me about this band. The rest of the album is just a galloping metal ride. "Thundercult" is their definitive song on all counts. Powerful and epic vocals, great fist-thumping riffs and loads of really good melodies and guitar solos. Can't ask for more from a song and the album as a whole. Good album from a great band.