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More power metal elements on this, but still doom - 90%

hunter7, February 26th, 2012

Doomswod is a well established band and very respected by the global metal community. They play doom/epic heavy metal, with slow mid-tempo riffs and deep operatic style vocals that give a true epic atmosphere in their albums. They have developed their very personal style without copying any of the well known epic metal bands. Of course the listener will notice some Manowar, Manilla Road and Candlemass influences but this does not give any negative impact in the final product.

My Name Will Live On is an incredible album that will satisfy your quest for epic metal with some very cachty melodies, bombastic choruses, steady heavy mid-tempo riffs and glorious vocals. Lyrics are also very interesting telling stories about heroes, kings and medievial battles. All compositions are unique and I consider some of the riffs very scarry and bombastic. Luni (7th track) is the ultimate doom hymn in this album. I also love Once Glorious (8th track) intro. I find it very emotional and melodic. Needless to say that no track can be left behind. Death Of Ferdia and The Great Horn are some of my favorites

If you have already liked some of the past albums by Doomsword, this one will not let you down. Many people consider Resound The Horn and Let Battle Commence superior to this one. I must admit that I agree. But there is no way that you will turn your back on this album. The previous albums were 100% doom, or I must say mournful epic doom. My Name Will Live has the same style but with some power/heavy metal blasts here and there (Steel Of My Axe, Days Of High Adventure).

Expole this album. It will take you to an adveturous journey. And do not forget to read the lyrics when listening.