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DoomSword will prevail - 95%

Nightwalker, September 16th, 2007

It has taken four tremendous long years for DoomSword to bring their new album out. Four years of waiting, longing, yearning and hoping, and finally all the patience gets rewarded. Actually, 'rewarded' is the least you can say about "My Name Will Live On", 'cause DoomSword has done it again: epic doom straight from the heart!

When I got this promo, my heart was beating in my throat, the sweat was dripping of my head and my hands were shaking like an eighty-year-old. I putted the cd into my stereo and turned the volume extra high, so I was capable of enjoying this album in all its glory. The first song begins to play and immediately I get sucked into the whole concept of their latest album. The low vocals of Deathmaster overwhelm my body with ghoosebumps, the hair in my neck goes standing and the epic feeling I experience is not possible to explain in words. A bit in contrast with their older albums the true slowness you expect from doom, isn't to be found at first, but yet, their sound ain't power nor heavy metal either. This is the modern day Cirith Ungol with an even more unique sound. After listening to this album over and over again, it strikes me that I haven't been listening to their first three masterworks for a while. So I get the rest of their collection and play them one by one. Like I said, the first thing I notice is that the latest album is played a bit faster over all, wheredue it gets a bit less doomy and a bit more epic. The heavy doom-tunes like in "The Doomsword" and "Deathbringer" are a bit softened and exchanged for more epic tunes like in "Luni" for example. In not any way this is a bad thing, as you can feel the DoomSword power still overruling the entire album - it's just a bit less heavily bombastic. My favorite song on the album is the longest one, "Once Glorious", probably 'cause it's the most epic one to me. I cannot wait to see this live. What has not changed, are the vocals. The desperate sounding, though powerful and angry voice of Deathmaster makes DoomSword to what they represent. Anyway, this album is certainly one of the best things that came out these last months, but it isn't their best work so far. It was worth looking forward to, and it has pleased all of my expectations, but their older work is just to close to my heart to get exceeded by their latest.

In any case, this album is a must for all DoomSword fans, all traditional doom and epic fans, but also for heavy and power fans who can take it a bit slower. DoomSword will prevail!