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Their Name Will Live On - 100%

TheIVthCrusade, July 6th, 2004

I don't hide that I approached DoomSword with the fear of another Italian epic metal band that wants to sound like the next Manowar or Manilla Road. Thankfully I was wrong. DoomSword's "Let Battle Commence" is perhaps the most epic album I have listened to for the past months. Big, muddy songs with a very underground production that helps the album to show off even more, very good rhythm section, and of course DeathMaster's deep vocals that remind the viking era as those Italian's want.

The album is an apology of one of the few Viking triumphs against the christians. It's about King Ivarr the Boneless' assault in the british ground of York. Since DoomSword are with the Vikings this was a cool reason to make the album sound even darker. As DeathMaster has said in interviews, the facts are kinda different, since the battle wasn't all that epic and that the only real fact is the Blood Eagle ritual, the way the defeated British King Aella died by Ivarr. DoomSword just made everything more epic. "As the christians used to do, we changed the facts a bit and made the story sound like the last drop of blood gave the victory to the heathens." DeathMaster said so in that interview.

In the acoustic part of the album now, it starts off with Heathen Assault, a song that symbolizes the first Longboat that reached York that day.

In The Battlefield is the song that storms the listener the most, it's hard guitars and passionate vocals give you the idea that you are in the battle too. It starts with the sound of a Viking battle horn and the rhythm guitar with a solid riff that breaks bones. The epic lyrics and the sound effects, such as the ram hitting the English gate, or the Viking army charging with the sounds of the horns really are sheer glory in my ears.

Woden's Reign is about King Aella, a song that DoomSword show how much they are influenced by Candlemass. Deathbringer is he most "ballad" like song and The Siege is about the siege in front of the castle.

Blood Eagle, is the most pagan song of all, talking about the fearsome ritual that many think that is just a Viking folk lie, even though there are scriptures and an ancient Scandinabian elegy that confirm Aella's death by Ivarr by that way.

Quorthon (R.I.P.) would be very proud for this song. It's the lasy song of the album, serious and majestic, suited for a King and it finishes the album with only but excellent comments about this DoomSword album. Definitely a must for every epic metal fan.