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Ah! I'm standing in the middle of the battlefield! - 98%

Evilbone, July 1st, 2005

That was what I thought while listening to this album for the first time. Doomsword’s “Let Battle Commence” is an epic masterpiece and a must-have for fans of epic/viking lyrics. Everything about it is just perfect. The CD comes in a nicely made Digipack and the cover has a beautiful painting of a leader on a horse who seems to be commanding a Viking horde. Even the booklet was done with much effort.

On this album there isn’t even a single song I dislike. I love them all. A few parts are so beautiful to listen to, that they always send chills down my spine. The songs are not fast, but catchy as hell. The vocals are excellent and they perfectly fit the music. Deathmaster is expressing all his emotion through the vocals. The lyrics are very well written and totally clean. The songs are about the Vikings invading England, and Deathmaster is singing from the point of view of a Viking warrior most of the time. With their awesome and bone-crushing riffs, the guitarists and the bassist make sure that this album never gets boring. There’s nothing bad to say about the drumming too. You can hear the bass drum very well and I like that. There are some nice background sounds that make the album even better (i.e. Running horses, Viking horns…). The production is good and clean, the sound quality is just right.

I can’t really say what other bands are similar to Doomsword, they are unique. The album that comes the nearest to this is probably Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. But “Let Battle Commence” is much better in my opinion. Doomsword are known as a Doom Metal band, but trust me, don’t be afraid to buy this even if you don’t like Doom. I wasn’t into Doom at all when I got this album and I immediately loved it anyway. It sounds nothing like the boring Drone or Funeral Doom. I can only recommend this. Believe it or not, but “Let Battle Commence” is probably one of my favourite metal albums of all time. Doomsword did a very nice job on this album.